Laser cutting plywood and synthetic materials

How Laser Cutting Works

A CO2 laser plotter is used to cut and engrave various materials. Dedicated tubes partially filled with carbon dioxide are used to generate a laser beam. Thanks to CO2 laser cutting, cutting plywood or plexiglass is very precise. Laser cutting is a separating process, which does not require extra post-finishing in most cases. The edges of cut materials are clean and perpendicular to their surfaces and the material itself is perfectly finished. Precision in leading the cutting beam results in the highest quality of cut and engraved elements.

Wycinanie w drewnie na laserze


Because of its high precision, we use laser cutting not only for preparing wedding ornaments (vignettes, menus, stands) but also for box elements and market stands or personalized elements of home decor, which are becoming increasingly more popular. The possibilities of utilizing laser cutting technology are practically limitless.

Machinery Stock

We use cutting edge technology in our projects. Our CO2 plotter of 1300×900 working area guarantees high precision. The cut is only a little wider from the laser beam, which allows us to take on even the most complex projects.

Materials We Cut

  • plywood,
  • plexiglass.
Cięcie laserem optycznym
Meble ze sklejki - krzesło z drewna

We Use Laser Cutting to Produce:

  • wedding ornaments,
  • party decorations,
  • letters and signs,
  • calling cards, vignettes, invitations, cards,
  • stands of various types,
  • logotypes from synthetic materials and plywood
  • marketing gadgets (coasters, fridge magnets, etc.),
  • home decor elements.

Laser cutting in Bydgoszcz

Our plant is located in Ciele, near Bydgoszcz. We operate mainly in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region, however we also take orders from the entire country. We realize both individual orders (single items) and large-scale production.

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