CNC Milling

What is CNC Milling?

CNC milling is one possible method of machining. It involves removing excess material from a processed object – with the object immobilized, and the moving element being the milling head. Depending on the stage of milling or the desired end result, different kinds of milling cutters are used, like a shape-cutting cutter, a profiling cutter or a model cutter. CNC milling is a precise process which is used both for individual projects and larger-scale production.

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CNC milling in wood or synthetic materials is gradually becoming more in vogue and used by individual clients as well as companies. Not only do we craft ornaments and wedding accessories, but also plywood gadgets and furniture. One of the most interesting pieces we’ve done is a specially commissioned barber station.

Machinery Stock

CNC milling is a precise process used for both individual clients and mass-scale productions alike. We are freely capable of programming our machinery (a Computerized Numerical Control Milling Plotter) so that our clients can receive a product in the required dimensions, shapes (2D and 3D) and surface finish. 

We have a state of the art machinery stock and job shop. We mill wood, engineered wood and most synthetic materials using CNC plotters of 3100x2100mm working area. We use a vacuum table to guarantee precision and consistency in materials processing.

Materials we Mill

  • wood,
  • plywood,
  • particle boards,
  • MDF boards,
  • OSB boards,
  • most synthetic materials (e.g. plexiglass, PVC, HPL),
  • composites (like Dibond or Alucobond).
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CNC Milling is Used to Produce:

  • models and dioramas,
  • home furniture (tables, chairs, closets, desks, etc.),
  • furniture for service companies (barber stations, hockers, coffee tables, etc.)
  • reliefs,
  • prototypes and industrial design elements,
  • figurines.

CNC Milling in Bydgoszczy

Our plant is located in Ciele, near Bydgoszcz. We operate mainly in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region, however we also take orders from the entire country. We realize both individual orders (single items) and large-scale production.

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