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We cut our teeth on working with wood and other materials. Here’s what we have on offer:

Artykuły z drewna

We mill most materials using CNC plotters of 3100x2100mm working area. We use a vacuum table to guarantee precision and consistency in materials processing.

Wycinanie w drewnie

We use a laser plotter to cut through furniture boards and other materials. The cut is only a little wider from the laser beam, guaranteeing high precision.

Zegar z drewna - grawer laserowy

For engraving, we use a CO2 laser plotter with an adjustable working area of 1300x900mm, enabling us to engrave materials of differing height.

Praca z drewnem

We provide professional milling and CO2 laser cutting services for carpenters and carpentry workshops. See how we can assist you!

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