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CNC milling, engraving Bydgoszcz

You’ve got a great idea but don’t know where to bring it to life?

We’ll cut it out for you!

About Us

Our company is composed of a team of specialists with many years of experience working with wood and synthetic materials under their belt. We boast a modern machinery stock and workshop allowing for exceptionally precise materials processing. We engrave, mill, cut, glue and bend. Each project is given individual treatment and we often offer advice even from the design stage.

Our Offer

We cut our teeth on working with wood and other materials. Our offer includes, among others:

We mill most materials using CNC plotters of 3100x2100mm working area. We use a vacuum table to guarantee precision and consistency in materials processing.

We use a laser plotter to cut through furniture boards and other materials. The cut is only a little wider from the laser beam, guaranteeing high precision.

For engraving, we use a CO2 laser plotter with an adjustable working area of 1300x900mm, enabling us to engrave materials of differing height.

CNC milling, engraving Bydgoszcz

Our ongoing cooperation with the largest distributors allows us to offer attractively priced materials. We can also help you choose the right materials for you.

Our realizations


Address: ul. Ułańska 10, 86-005 Ciele

Phone number: 577 542 522

NIP: 554-298-87-20


Working hours: Pn. – Pt. 8:00 – 16:00

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